Sunday, June 30, 2013

Moving On...Very Soon!

This past Thursday marked five weeks before our move.  Six weeks sounded like plenty of time.  Five weeks sounds like "Holy crap!!!  We better start packing!!!".  Maybe it seemed extra urgent because we had just spent the previous three days in our soon to be home.  We've had three visits since finding out we would be moving there and with each one our excitement grows.  We cannot believe we are going to be so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place, so close to family, and in such an ideal place to raise our family.

On our trip there, we stopped at Spring Valley Orchard.  It's a little off the interstate, but completely worth the detour.  The valley the orchard is in (by far) the most beautiful place I've ever seen in Virginia.  The kids and I stopped there once last year and I had my fingers crossed we would make it back again this year before the season ended.  I think the day we were there may have ended up being the last for the year, but there were still tons of cherries on the trees.

Mannchen absolutely loved it!  He was in heaven climbing the trees to reach the higher cherries.

I cannot believe how quickly this little boy is growing.

Töchterchen mostly wandered around barefoot, delighting in squishing the fallen cherries with her feet.

Looking down the road into the valley.  Pictures cannot do it justice.

Apples trees and the valley.
While we were in town, we took care of all the important things like a job interview, setting up utilities, and hanging out at the park across the street from our new home.  My aunt and uncle from Houston, TX were visiting also and it was great to see them.  One morning we went to the horticulture gardens at Tech.  The kids loved the fish pond and all the colorful flowers.  I delight in their delight of nature.

It went by quickly, but mostly helped build our excitement.  Moving can be so bittersweet and we are thankful to be moving to a place we are excited for.
Since getting home it's been a mix of getting back to normal life, catching up on laundry, making butter for the first time, baking with the buttermilk left over from the said butter, and starting on the never ending lists of all things that must be done before we leave.