Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Home Tour - The Kitchen

Continuing on our grand home tour, the next stop is the heart of our home - the kitchen.  We spend so much time in this room, especially since we no longer have a separate dining room to use for crafts and activities.  Believe it or not, and you can look here if you doubt me, this kitchen is much larger than our old one.  And it has a dishwasher!  Both are welcome changes. 
However, it lacks a full size fridge or stove/oven.  Had I realized this prior to move-in day, I may have changed my mind about the place.  We had to adjust to shopping more than once a week (but the farmer's market is twice a week anyway!) and I put a few baking sheets/pans in storage.  Other than that, it's nowhere near as bad as I expected!  I can still bake three loaves of bread at once and my favorite cookie sheets fit.  I was even able to bake Mannchen's birthday cake in it without an problems.  If I do get back into baking wedding cakes, I was already planning to do it at my parent's. 
So, all-in-all, we are enjoying this space tremendously!
I didn't use the same pictures of produce I had in our old kitchen.  They were something I found my at the Eastern Market in DC during my first year out of college.  I loved them, but I really wanted this space to feel more cozy and vintage/homemade.  I collected a variety of embroidery hoops and used scraps of fabric in them, along with two hand stitched pillow cases I found at my mom's.  
Closer view of one of the hand stitched pillow cases.  I thought it was far to beautiful and well done to be tucked away on a guest bed or folded in a closet.  Besides, I have a serious affinity for handwork.

A more complete view of the table side of the room.

The best I could do at a photo of the whole room.  This is the most used room in our house, so it was only natural that some of the photos include some of us at work in here.  Hubby was working on a homemade pizza for dinner, while Töchterchen supervises.

The mini fridge and stove.

We were given this at a moving sale we went to on one of our first days here.  It is handmade and I  believe it means "God bless this house and all who go in and out."  How fitting for the heart of our home!  It hangs above our sink.

Tucked into hallway and somewhat in the corner of the kitchen is the kids' play kitchen.  Before we moved in I was nervous that we wouldn't have room for this anywhere in the house.  I really didn't want it in their room because it is so tempting to play with.  Nor did I want it in the living room because it's so large.  Thankfully the hallway is wide and it fits perfectly!  They can play in there while I work in the kitchen and we are all close together.  The ribbon to hang their artwork on is above it.

Now that you've seen the kitchen, stop on by for a cup of coffee and a pumpkin muffin!  We know our apartment is small, but we are so eager to share it and the love within it with friends and family.