Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Home Tour - Outside and Messy Spots

Let's start with the pretty pictures, alright?  Well, pretty in an outdoorsy, mildly trailer trash vibe kind of way.  Our apartment is tucked in on the downstairs, backside of the building, making it nice and private and giving us a bit of a yard.  This location is honestly one of our favorite parts - plenty of space for the kids to play away from any roads and space to garden!
Our unit and our little garden!

Broccoli, swiss chard, cauliflower, collards, lettuce, and some herbs.  Not too shabby for moving in less than two months ago! 

The pots of herbs and lettuce
Nothing fancy, but space to dig in the dirt and keep some of the kids' outdoor toys.  The wagon, riding toys, buckets, etc give it that redneck-junk-all-over-the-yard vibe, but we are embracing it and thankful we aren't visible from the road!
Now, for the rest of the indoor space - the not so pretty parts.  I've already shared the kids' room, living room, and kitchen.  All that remain are our room and the bathroom.  Neither are anywhere near the point of wanting to share them, but I'm going to just because I am a little stuck on what to do next or they are a very slow work in progress...and it might be months before I finish them up.
Bathroom first - looks decent from this picture (sorry it's so dark).  I already re-caulked everything.  The old caulk was about an inch tall/thick and black.  Nastiest thing I'd ever witnessed in a bathroom since using hubby's apartment bathroom in college.

Here's where is starts to get yucky.  When removing the old caulk, I pulled off a chunk of the wall.  This corner was all rotten and covered in black mold.  I was since cut it out, scrubbed, cleaned, and primed all that was behind the drywall.  Now we are just waiting for a new piece of drywall to repair it with.

Ugliest vanity I have ever seen.  It's rusty and funky.  But we have left over spray paint from when hubby's brother cleaned and painted the range hood in the kitchen.  When we get ready to paint after patching the wall, we'll freshen this up too.

Eww...the inside of the vanity.

One side of our room.  The other side (with the bed and dresser) actually looks pretty good.  But I'm sharing this part to hopefully get some insight on how to make such a multipurpose space look prettier without spending money.  So much is going on, especially in this picture since my sewing machine is out.  Suggestions please!
As we finish up these areas, I'll be sure to come back and keep you updated!