Monday, July 22, 2013

On The Move

It's moving time! 
This Saturday the kids will leave with my mom for a few days at Oma's house.  On Tuesday, hubby will pick up the moving van and his brothers will come to help with loading/unloading.  My dad and I will leave Tuesday afternoon.  Later Tuesday or early Wednesday the moving van will roll out.  No matter what, on Wednesday we will move into our apartment!  I still can't believe it's almost here, but as I look around at our empty walls and the boxes that are starting to pile up, it becomes more real.
I have wanted to involve Mannchen and Töchterchen in the process in small ways - here and there.  They are still quite young to get too involved in the packing, but I wanted them to each pack a special box.  Before dinner one evening last week, I had them decorate a few boxes.  They went to town with stickers and markers.  They thought it was great!  After that, Mannchen thought they should decorate every box - fine by me!  That has provided them with hours of entertainment.

This morning, Mannchen and Töchterchen woke up and decided today was the day to pack 75% of their toys.  Who was I to argue with that?!  I'm not completely sure they understand once the items are packed, they will remained packed until next week when we unpack in the new place.  I explained it several times, but moving is a completely new concept to them.  They each selected one favorite toy to keep unpacked - Mannchen kept the train tracks and Töchterchen kept the kitchen.  Between time outside and those two favorites, I doubt they will even think of the toys that have been packed away.  In reality, I'm not even sure why we have any other toys beyond those two - they are so dearly loved.
This is the look of "Why are you taking a picture of this mama?".  Mannchen was a huge help bringing things from the shelves to me to pack.
The absolute BEST part of packing today was taking this to the dump.  My mother-in-law snagged this couch for me for free right after I graduated from college.  I was setting up my first apartment and free furniture was amazing.  I also got two kittens from the SPCA around that time and they set to destroying this couch in a serious way (as only two small kittens can).  When we got married I used some of our wedding money to buy a couch cover.  For seven years now, this couch has served us well, but its time with us has come to an end.  It creaked when you sat on it and the back popped in and out if you sat in the wrong place.  There was a permanent depression on one side from all the time I spent sitting in the same spot with a heating pad on my back while pregnant with each of my precious babies.  So yes, we got our "money's worth" and I'm proud of us for being happy with what we had rather than splurging on something we could clearly do without...but I was also joyful to see it go.  (Since our apartment is so much smaller, we will just use our smaller futon in the living room.)
We also spent some time working in our gardens - it will probably be the last time!  The squirrels ate every last kernel of corn we grew.  I suppose that means it was good.  Mannchen doesn't want to plant any more corn in the future unless we have a BB-gun to keep them at bay.  He insisted we pull out all the corn stalks before we move.  I'm hoping the extra sun will help the tomatoes ripen before we leave.

I hope to still be able to check in regularly throughout the move and share with you how it is going, but time will tell.  Regardless, I am very excited to get into our new space and make it home.  I can't wait to share it with you!