Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Garden Update


Despite our attempts to do little-to-nothing garden related this summer, we seem to have a decent garden this year.  All the volunteer tomato plants have green tomatoes on them - at least six plants total!  Most are Roma, which means we have our fingers crossed we will be able to harvest them for salsa before our move.  What we thought were yellow squash plants are actually ornamental pumpkins.  Männchen and I are beyond excited and very glad we did not listen to Hubby and pull them all out (I'm the only one in the house who enjoys eating summer squash).  The corn is coming along...but the squirrels are also enjoying it.  It remains debatable as to whether we will get any of it for ourselves.  Even the last minute hot pepper plants have a few peppers growing on them. 
This space has come to mean so much to me.  As Männchen and I spent the morning weeding (of course we did all that work after I took pictures), I realized the stresses of life don't really matter when you're out in that tiny oasis.  It didn't matter that I'm overly annoyed with our real estate agent, bank, and the attorney handling our short sale.  It didn't matter that the only people with any sense of urgency in the sale of our house are ourselves and the woman trying to secure a contract on the house.  It didn't matter that we have four weeks and 1 day left until the move day.  All that mattered was the time with my sweet, gardening loving son and a few more days/weeks to spend in this precious space.  It will be dearly missed.