Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Saying Our Goodbyes


This week we said our "good-byes".  We started with our local putt-putt place.  Hubby and Mannchen have been there many times and I know they will miss it.  The boys really get into their putt-putt game.  Töchterchen was an absolute joy to watch - she's all about having fun!  Towards the end, the shady holly tree and its red berries were more intriguing than the golf game.  Either way, it was a lovely, joyous time together as a family.

Next was our favorite local park - Bluebird Gap Farm.  My college roommate (all four years!) and very dear friend lived a mere two miles away until this past October.  She and her daughters came back into town for a day so we could wish this area an official good-bye together.  It only seemed fitting that we do this together.  We have gone through so many phases of life together - college, the working world, marriage, parenthood, and now moving.  Thankfully, it was a perfectly overcast day and the park was fairly empty (the way I like it).  The kids had a blast running around to see all the animals one last time.

We also took one last walk a long a beachy stretch of the James River, went to the Noland Trail to feed the snapping turtles, and watched the coal trains go by the tracks in our neighborhood this week.  The kids left with my mom yesterday, while my dad and hubby's dad have been helping us pack.  We were able to get some much done yesterday - packing, patching nail holes, touching up paint, waxing floors, cleaning, etc. - that all we have left today is pack the kitchen and finish a little cleaning. 

We've always known we would never stay in this house, but it is still surreal that the moving day is finally here.  I suppose it's one of those incredibly bittersweet moments life can be full of at times.