Saturday, July 13, 2013


In two weeks we will be in full blown packing mode.  So, we have been continually purging and organizing.  Even grocery shopping has the move in mind - which size bottle of ketchup should we buy?  Heaven forbid we move a bottle of ketchup.

Then this morning, I went yard sale shopping, despite our promises to hold off on all purchases until after the move.  I bought half-a-dozen pyrex dishes (we are in the process of eliminating our plastic ware) and an awesome wood bowl set for salads and popcorn.  I bought big bag of girls clothing because it was dirt cheap - boutique Christmas outfit for $1?  Yes please!

But the greatest purchase of all - the one I just couldn't pass up - was this lamp.

I'm dead serious when I say I think this is the greatest find ever.  I have a deep love for unique things.  I don't want my house to match everyone else's.  That's part of why I quit shopping in stores like Target and TJ Maxx.  I want items that are one-of-a-kind and have a story.  This lamp used to be a ceramic chicken feeder.  The woman having the yard sale said it was her father's and he turned it into a lamp when they left their farm.  Oh yes, this is one awesome lamp!