Thursday, July 25, 2013

Procrastination At Its Finest

In two days the kids leave town to stay with my mom through the main part of the moving process.  On Tuesday we will pack the moving van and on Wednesday we will move into our new place.  At this point, I should probably be knee deep in packing, packing, and more packing.  Am I?  Not quite. 

First I have to finish my list of crafts to take with us to the new house.  Some may call is procrastination at its finest, I prefer to think of it as prioritizing.  I have been working diligently to finish up three particular projects, but today I will share only one of them for you.  First I wanted to finish up this table runner with a collection of quilting scraps.  I haven't decided if it will adorn our (new! to us) table or our TV cabinet, but either way I love the splash of color!

The other two projects will be better if reveled after we are settled into our new space...because I'm sure you are on the edge of your seats over such matters.  So, stay tuned!
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